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Learning to Fly   A Paradox of Consciousness

Learning to Fly

A Paradox of Consciousness

I began today’s journey looking into what seemed an Indiana Jones magnitude leap of faith into a chasm of everything unknown, fearful, yet somehow calling upon my soul as an avenue for growth. Consciousness is that way. Like the birds pictured above, it calls upon us to take a blind leap of faith so that we may earn our wings and learn how to fly. Now, I feel the need to take that plunge, and see where my wings will take me as I learn to fly.

You see, during COVID, I found a host of new hobbies. Some of these hobbies stayed with me; thank God, others did not. To occupy my time during a global lockdown, I developed various ways to interact with others. Yet, what I found as I created new and many more exciting ways to work and interact with others, much of it occupied my time, but most did not provide the sense of fulfillment I thought it would create. I wonder how many others felt this way?

Lewis Carrol’s Rabbit Hole had taken effect, and I was a stranger in a strange place, wondering and wandering in a wonderland.

What can we do when we wander, being strangers in a strange land? The queen in Alice’s adventures might say, “Off with their heads!” Maybe the queen was not so far off, as the Jabberwocky seems to be not only a mythical creature of fright but an eternal voice of consciousness gearing us towards an array of numerous psychological twists and turns. No, that would be too drastic, and as we know, even Alice slayed that beast to find her peace of mind through the strength needed to confront the daemons of wonderland.

Instead, we must foster the courage to engage those jabbering daemons within so that we may create the inner peace that the soul calls for as it aligns with its calling.

To surf, the paradox of consciousness is to find a sacred journey present to this moment. It is a human plight, one that we all undertake to find meaning within. Paradoxes of time exist here. Past hurts, and future fears, may be present, but it is up to us to reel those voices of consciousness in, so that we too may slay the beast, and reclaim what that beautiful element called soul provides us during our lifespan.

I hope you enjoy today’s podcast. It is calling my attention to engage more these days. Even though my focus has been on the physical as of late, I know that the calling here is one of service to unite body, mind, and spiritual wellbeing. I thank you for joining me on this journey.

With gratitude, my friends. May blessings find you on your journey to advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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