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Thomas Maples
What is your guiding light?

To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.

~ Saint Thomas Aquinas

I am often perplexed by the lack of faith I see these days. Do I imagine this, or do you see it too? Everywhere I look, I see disbelief. So as a social scientist, I have to ask myself why is this the case.

I don’t remember things being in such disregard. But I do know that even when I face the shadows all so common to psychology, I see that there is hope for inner light to prevail even in the darkest corners of the psyche.

Soul, that beautiful, dark, sooty mistress that invites us to wallow and engage in the more heavy aspects of life, does press in at times, but maybe not to our demise. Maybe instead, it presses upon us to show us the way from the dark closets hidden in the recesses of the cluttered mind so that the paradise of spirit and life can be garnered on the other side.

To those who believe, no explanation is necessary. How true is that? We are all tested. But to what end? We all eventually have the same end, but the elements of those tests make up the story of a life that is created. Those who believe need no explanation because they understand their march to realize those inner dreams that call upon the soul. As for the unfaithful, as Saint Thomas Aquinas reminds us, no explanation is possible. Why? You can’t force belief, but what you can do is hold tight to your convictions. They brought you this far in the first place.

With blessings, my friends. May your journey in faith and a peaceful psyche fill your heart with joy as you move confidently toward your dreams!

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It is our choice to believe in the beauty of dreams unfolding. When we direct our mind’s eye to belief, faith guides us in the direction necessary to realize our Self as it unfolds into its most optimal being.

Are you being your best possible Self? Dr. Thomas Maples explores our personal and collective journey to realize our ultimate potential through the lens of psychology, personal development, and the myths that drive our journey forward.

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