Integrity: The Courage to...

Integrity is a cornerstone
for moral courage and strength
It is not bestowed, 
but nurtured from within.

Through caring attitudes, honesty, 
generosity, and loving kindness assured
We create a moral character,
based upon the wisdom of action... not words
integrity is the courage to lend a helping hand.

Integrity, Courage, and the Will to Persevere

I have been on a hiatus, tending to my dream of writing a book. While long put to the side burner, I love how the passion of this dream has stirred my soul to realize new and exciting avenues for personal development. But I miss this little venture into the beauty of short prose. Reflecting upon what was, I can not help but think for one moment… What beauty of character and inner potential could we achieve if we took just one moment to integrate the integral nature that moral integrity brings to a developing soul?

Got integrity?

What is integrity? Integrity is simple. Do what you say, and say only what you will do. No, do not pay lip service for the immediate gratification of wants, but put the action of will, blood, sweat, and tears behind the words spoken.

To be integral is to mend the chasm inherent within the psyche. I speak of this from a collective versus a personal perspective, even though I am well aware as a doctor of psychology that the psyche is only healed at the individual level. That may be why there is so much divide in the world; the individual psyche remains split and up for grabs to the nearest reel that may provoke its 15-second attention span. Now ask yourself, is that integrity in action? I think not.

Media and Integrity

While I see few examples portrayed by the media of those thirsting to do the work needed to integrate the values and virtues that promote personal integrity, this is not a lost cause. Remember, a chain is as strong as its weakest link, but each of us has an innate ability to use outside tension to build a strength of character based upon virtue and values to build a stronger collective. The integrity of the collective is only as strong as the individuals who make its essense.

Courage and Integrity

To integrate, we create a moral character based on strength. But we must nurture its journey forward because there will be much to distract us from this aim. But it is possible. Sit, listen, be present, and put the device down; you may see an aspect of beauty once not perceived.

Integral nature is possible, but it is an inside job. Like Job, we too must face perils and tests that promote inner resolve and examine our moral character, capacity for honesty, and, above all, our willingness to do what we say, mean what we say, and speak only about that, which we are willing to do.

Final Blessings 4 Integrity

May blessings of wisdom find you on your journey, my friends, to create, chart a course, and advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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