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Dr. Thomas Maples

Charles G
Charles G
18:00 13 Feb 19
I saw thomas maple in 2016 he's a great therapist and very helpful
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Have a cheating spouse? Sick of all the conflict and fighting with your significant other? Growing out of your relationship.

There are many signs that a marriage is heading towards divorce. These can include

  1. Emotional Disengagement – Are you simply not that into your spouse’s daily life any longer?
  2. Lack of Sex – Is your intimate life lacking or not satisfying your needs?
  3. Limited Conflict Resolution – Is is impossible to solve areas of conflict between you and your spouse?
  4. Hyper-focus on Areas Outside of Your Marriage – Is work or the kids becoming more important to you than your relationship?
  5. Preparing to be Single – Have you already made up your mind, and have not had the courage to take the first step?

Sorting through your emotions with a therapist can help. Working with an independent third party can help you navigate the complex emotions and difficult decisions needed to take a first step.

Have you already decided to take that first step and need legal representation? Maples Family Law is a full scope family law practice that services San Joaquin County, Stockton, CA, and the surrounding area.

Here are some great legal steps to consider when thinking about a divorce. “I THINK I WANT A DIVORCE – WHAT NEXT?”

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