One of the biggest concerns for people undergoing a divorce is the status of their finances. Let’s face it, finances in general can be a big source of stress for many. In marriage, finances are arranged around the family as a unit. As this partnership ends, the status of one’s personal finances can elicit many unwanted emotions, including anger, fear, and despair.

What are your financial rights in California during a divorce?

In a recent article written by Maples Family Law entitled What are My Financial Obligations to My Spouse, Attorney Anna Y. Maples explores the financial obligations one partner has to another as they undertake the process of separating their union and moving on with their individual life.

If you are going through a divorce, and need help to handle the emotional toll it can have on you and your loved ones, Dr. Thomas Maples at The Stockton Therapy Network can help. He offers comprehensive divorce counseling to help you heal from the emotions present and get on with your life.

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