It took science awhile, but it has shown that happiness in your marital relationship can help prolong your life. Happiness, not stress is found to be a key factor to a greater and longer life~ HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE!


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  1. pick1solution – IRVING, TEXAS – I am a free being that seems to have no problem expressing my opinion. Music has been the main part of my life and all other aspects will reveal themselves with time and my posts. I decided to Blog because I have thoughts that I want to keep for future review. If by chance, any other person views my opinions, and they are inspired, there is a reason for their visit. I am open to criticism, praise, and will be willing to help anyone who requests my involvement. Born 1946. South Bend IN. Lived many places, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma
    pick1solution says:

    Dr. Maples. Thank you for following our Blog Site. We are honored that you would take the time to visit. We welcome any and all comments as feedback is the key to success and progress. Your presence in our followership is but a mystery, one that should not be questioned. Welcome aboard.

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