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Thomas Maples

I Do!

Perhaps no other expression carries with it so much hope, love, fear, and faith in the unknown than those two words.

I do equates to commitment. Commitment to an unknown and hopefully long and variable future filled with love, happiness, and even the not so good feelings associated with love. Fear, anger, sadness regarding loss, happiness, and yes elation are all part of the journey of stepping into the unknown and saying I do to the one you love. But what happens when the euphoria of love’s elation dies down and the real business of marriage takes form?

Know your legal rights in California with premarital agreements. Maples Family Law explores what prenuptial agreements will and will not enforce in an article entitled PRENUPS IN CALIFORNIA: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. While prenups can help protect your assets in a worst case scenario, they do not form the strong emotional foundation from which to build the a healthy journey of marriage.

For this, premarital counseling can help. With a career spanning nearly two decades in treating individuals and couples, I have seen that the foundation of both personal and relational problems is the lack of hope that arises when we are not in pursuit of a dream that drives our purpose of life forward. Let me help you and your future spouse identify areas of commonality, dreams, and build a strong foundation for your marital bliss.

Prenups work to help ease the business and legal aspects of a marriage. Especially if you have special circumstance, pre-existing business obligations, or inheritance from another marriage, getting sound legal advice from Maples Family Law can help. If you need sound premarital counseling to set the emotional tone for you commitment to come, Dr. Thomas Maples of The Stockton Therapy Network can help.

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