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Thomas Maples

Far too often, I see parents make the mistake of assuming a “Do as I say, not as I do” philosophy. Many times, habits, negative attitudes, and habitual ways of thinking get in the way of learning really effective ways to raise the next generation to assume a position of gratitude.

Gratitude starts with parents. We must effectively teach our children to evaluate, account for, and express gratitude for the things they are given. This differs greatly from the notion of blatant consumerism that plagues the current paradigm of social values.

If we wish to heal the divisions present today, we must teach our children the simple act of being grateful for the wonderful gifts we have inherited. We must teach them to not take the beautiful acts that nature affords us for granted. We must teach them that progress, progressive ideals, and progression in general are not an ends to a means, but instead a psychology of Striving that never leads to happiness. Instead, let us teach them a psychology of Arriving, a psychology of gratitude for the here and now, and let them flourish in learning an ecologically friendly way to move their life forward.

What are Your Thoughts? What are You Grateful For

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