Practical Parenting: Establishing Respect Amongst Children of Today

Respect and Values

Childhood can be a very tumultuous time. Friendships, school pressures, social acceptance, and of course our natural propensity to develop. Dr. Tom explores ways to work within parental value systems as a means to help children develop healthy respect towards their personal strengths and the directions they wish to undertake.

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2 responses to “Practical Parenting: Establishing Respect Amongst Children of Today”

    • Thank you. Education is important, but as with everything, should have a direction based upon a moral compass. Having been exposed to both American and European Universities, it worries me about the lack of respect and values being taught at least in the US system of higher education. Then again, my exposure to the European University was through a Catholic University in Paris, that is highly steeped morality based teachings. Good food for thought, and thank you for the comment.

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