Practical Parenting: The Psychology Perspective

Yesterday, I treated myself to a monthly massage. After the therapeutic hour was over, my body felt light, rejuvenated, and my mind was drunk with endorphins spreading the healing effects of relaxation through my bloodstream. I am hooked.

Before, I would always compartmentalizations body as being separate from mind or spirit. As I have grown wiser, I do not feel the need to adhere to a scientific fallacy that would divide the integral unity of the person and the soul that longs for transcendence.

Today, with a relaxed body… it is time to take my boys to learn of the miracles God has placed on this Earth. We will go celebrate the outdoors at Mickey Grove… the place where our family began. There we will learn to be great stewards of our planet… to take care of the soul… to care for integral unity of all life’s miracles we are afforded.

In order to be the best man or woman, father or mother, it is imperative to take care of your soul first. You cannot love unless you have a full tank of love yourself. It is from excess, that we have more to give. What are your thoughts on the need for self care, honoring the soul, and using this as a means to teach our children effective ways of being?

I hope you enjoyed, and thank you for reading.

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    • Thank you. The joy of being a father is to just sometimes let go and play a game of tag in the park.

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