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Who Said Curiosity Killed the Cat?

Inspirational Quotes

You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.

Robin Williams

When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.

Walt Disney

A Father’s Guide to Wisdom

What beautiful words of wisdom from two brilliant individuals. The tragic ending of Robin Williams’s life rocked the world. It brought mental health and suicide to the forefront of popular media. While the madness of his comic genius was more than evident in the beautiful works he created, who could have known that the little spark he spoke of would fade in such a quick and dark manner as it did. Thank you, Robin, for the years of extraordinary comic genius you provided. You showed avenues by which laughter can lift the soul.

I am a man of gratitude. I am truly grateful for all of those that provide the wisdom I share. As Isaac Newton said, “I stand on the back of giants.” But Williams’s spark of madness is not to be a dark matter of study. Instead, it is like the hot embers that strike from the flint and steel. These inner sparks of madness ignite passions within and guide us to realized states of consciousness. While Robin had a mental illness, that illness was also the source of comedic genius he held within. It is from that perspective, which we can learn from the dangers of letting that inner flame die down.

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Metaphorically speaking, we all have an inner spark. This spark ignites the passion within. However, like any glowing ember, it must be fueled with new endeavors. It is from this perspective that Walt Disney speaks. To be curious is to engage the world from the eyes of a child. No, you will not give up responsibility and send your life shifting to the tides of change. Instead, this fuel is an active exploration of those habits that bring you joy, happiness, and peace within. Remember, there is always something interesting to do if you only open your mind to its presence.

Who said curiosity killed the cat? Maybe it is just fuel for the fire. Namaste. May God send you blessings along your journey to believe, achieve, and advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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2 comments on “Who Said Curiosity Killed the Cat?

  1. Rejoy Dey says:

    What an insightful thought!

    1. Dr. Thomas Maples says:

      I am glad you enjoyed.

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