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If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze.

St. Catherine of Siena

A Father’s Guide to Wisdom

To set the world on fire. Not in a sense portrayed by traditional and social media about the evils surrounding us. Instead, let us examine the road where dreams of passion meet a conscious intent for what must occur. I am not speaking here of the minor political divisions that distract our consciousness for brief moments. Instead, let us focus on the call to seek a higher purpose of Self. Instead, let us unite the image of the self-created with the Self known only to God. It is here that our guardian angel can guide our endeavors, as we learn to navigate the wanderings of a soul that yearns for union with a higher purpose.

A straightforward, yet brilliant psychology exists in the idea of a higher purpose. Wouldn’t you agree? It gives us meaning. It gives us grounding. But even more, it provides us with a sense of hope. It lets us know that we are working towards something more significant, not only for ourselves but also for the next generation. It allows us to understand that the hard work undertaken here and now will provide the very fruits upon which our children and our children’s children will feast.

When did the simplicity of perspective change from the deep connection present in the human soul to today’s materialism? The answer is complicated and owes its etiology to the systematic transition from faith towards science’s material world. However, science and religion’s languages need not compete; even in gravity’s scientific law, we can find confidence and true belief in the grounding afforded us each day.

What kernels of wisdom are present in this citation from St. Catherine of Siena? What truth’s can it offer us so that we may pay that wisdom forward to the ones we love?

I have never seen a dog ponder its essence. Nor have I seen any animal of nature question its eternal being. They are present here and now. But in that simplicity, they are so effective at what they do. No, I am not comparing our journey to that of the animals, even though, in essence, we all exist in a reflection of nature’s intent. For we have a conscious that is specifically human, and it is up to us to honor that in the presence of the stewardship we are given.

In this citation, St. Catherine reminds us to empty our minds of the clutter that will accumulate. We must then open the heart to the journey that lies ahead to follow the calling of our soul’s intent. From that position of pure conviction, we will find the sanctity of Self and truly set the world ablaze.

Namaste, my friends. May prayers and blessings find you along your journey to believe, achieve, and advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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