Today… I choose to nurture the courage within, to find new shores to my heart’s content. Namaste.

Thomas C. Maples

Courage… A Depth Psychology Perspective

Happy Monday, my friends. I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. This weekend in the United States, we celebrated Halloween. It was different from the pandemic, as my children could not take part in their favorite Halloween past time, to trick or treat. For those not familiar with this tradition, children will dress up in their favorite costume and go door to door to attain treats from trusted neighbors. Well, with the pandemic happening, as with many other traditions, things are closed.

But this brings me to my point for the week. Life itself is based upon our willingness and ability to adapt. The grass is not always green on the pastures we roam, but it does not stop us from simply watering it to nurture the elements we are afforded. Like life itself, we too must adapt to the good, and the bad life affords us. We learn, we adapt, and we overcome whatever adversity life will throw our way.

For my children, well, they had a fun scavenger hunt at their grandparent’s house. Thank you, mom, and dad for your continued support in their upbringing. It truly takes a village to raise a child. Through courage, gratitude, and a willingness to face life’s challenges head-on, we develop the capacity to find new shores, even new traditions, as we teach our children to adapt to the changes life will throw their way.

Namaste, my friends. May blessings find you on your journey to believe, achieve, and advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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