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Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.

Philosophical Food for Thought?

What is real? What is perceived? Is there a difference? Can a universe exist without the mind entering into it?

Material reality exists because it was once only a perception in the consciousness that dreamed its essence into the physical realm of being. While its presence is always in transition, we ultimately create its reality from the ethereal nature of what happens through the emotional state fostered between our head and heart.

What is the nature of your dreams? Do they slip away because of fear to create their presence? We all have aspects of this operating in our conscious life, and the fear of failure is the foundation for this form of anxiety. But when does the fear of failure ultimately impede our ultimate capacity for success? See its circular nature? When lack of action occurs because of a fear of failure, it eventually creates the means from which lack of success or failure manifests in one’s life.

A wise old saying reminds us that “we are what we eat.” I would add upon this, “we are also what we don’t eat?” The question is, what do you feed yourself? For example, suppose we partake in activities that provoke anxiety. What will you create in your internal environment? Likewise, if we don’t engage in these anxiety-provoking events, what do you think will go away in your life? Let’s take this to the next level; if we negate anxiety-provoking information and then feed ourselves messages of hope, inspiration, and wellbeing, what do you think you will begin to feel? These are but a few exercises to undertake as you start to re-evaluate the dreams driving your journey forward.

Until next time my friends, namaste. May peaceful blessings find you on your journey to advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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