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Love is the cornerstone emotion that encapsulates every other feeling. Whether it be those negative emotional undercurrents such as fear, anger, disgust, sadness, or those more positive dynamic states such as strength, courage, happiness, or bliss, our ability to love encapsulates it all.

While this age-old wisdom may sound cliche, it is true in as much as like attracts like, and what like or love can you draw if you are first unwilling to love or even like yourself. To be loved, you must first love yourself. This ideal contradicts materialism, a state of mind which searches for positive emotional states in external sources of reference. Furthermore, these external states of reference are only temporary, fleeting at best, and tend to disappear once the material item is in one’s possession. When we arrive at a striven-for-goal, the natural course of development tells us we need to set another target for which to strive. Thus, the psychology of seeking becomes a never-ending game, where happiness and excitement depend on the emotional states produced by the game versus genuinely living within the moment.

To develop an internal presence of loving-kindness, you must return to the original state of bliss associated with each moment. Children know this well, as they engage all of their attention to the most menial of tasks present. While this may sound absurd, especially in a world bent on the ideal of striving, when we practice arriving, we truly learn to live the moment, one moment at a time.

Did you know that an emotion typically lasts for only 90 seconds? Ninety seconds represent the amount of time the body has to process the biochemical reaction caused by an emotional state. Yet, for many, we engage emotions through an inner dialogue that views these states as somehow lasting a lifetime. Engage the present moment. Identify the emotion. When you do so, it has already lost its hold upon your physiological and psychological state. By identifying the emotion present, you create a means to move this undercurrent with an alternative emotional states. If you find fear present in your life, engage in an activity that fosters courage. By doing so, you will move towards a state more at ease with the harmony you seek—the same with anger. If you find yourself angry, look at a picture of a baby, one that you love, or a beloved pet, and watch the emotion slip away. Maybe play a favorite piece of music, one that brings a smile, and as always, be present, here and now.

Until next time my friends, Namaste. May blessings find you on your journey to advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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