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Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.

As a psychotherapist, I see such a focus on the past. Why?

As President Lyndon B. Johnson so aptly saw in his wisdom, yesterday is not ours to recover. It is over, the end, and the only thing we can do with it is to reflect upon the lesson yesterday has to offer us in its perfect focus. That leads us to today…

What can you do with today? As I reflect upon what was, I realize that there are things to be let go of in that beautiful path that life has afforded me this year. But I also know that I make room for more beautiful things, lessons, and experiences to come through the act of letting go. While life may send us a rocky ocean or smooth sailing, we learn to navigate its currents from the depths of our emotional and cognitive landscapes.

What direction will your ocean take you for 2022? One opening up for me is the importance of allowing the emotional and perceptual landscape to drive the ship of my life forward to reach its aim.

Emovere is the Latin root for the words emotion and movement. It means to put forth, arouse, motivate, and drive us forward.

EMotion – The idea of energy in motion shows us what an incredible journey our feelings can take us on in the present moment. What can you do with today to affect your win tomorrow?

As always, my friends, namaste. May blessings find you on your journey to advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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  1. Thanks for sharing wise words from LBJ. Only by letting go of yesterday, can we move forward into today’s agenda. It will present both its challenges and blessings.

    • Absolutely. We must learn from it, bring it into resolve, and then press on to new beginnings. But every beginning must always first have ending. Glad to be back on this forum and thank you for the kind words to reflect upon.

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