No, I never saw an angel, but it is irrelevant whether I saw one or not. I feel their presence around me.

Paulo Coelho

Higher Powers and Personal Development

To see angels or not is the question we will explore today. I have never seen an angel, but every time I look to the sky and allow my mind to wander in a dreamlike state, I cannot help but wonder, is it their presence I feel lift my spirits towards the belief that something is greater than the presence I feel right here, right now?

The cornerstone of our psychological development lies in our capacity to believe. By opening ourselves to faith in a world of possibility, new experiences may exist beyond the limitations of the practical five senses. Belief, in this manner, creates avenues where the ether of dreams can see objective reality and drive us to realize heightened states.

If we take a step back and look at the grand scope of human history, it is clear that angles have played a significant role in shaping our collective experience. From ancient mythology to modern-day religion, angels have been integral to some of the most important stories ever told. Whether or not you believe in their existence, there is no denying that they have profoundly impacted the human condition.

Our belief in these wise creatures of faith, or modern-day psychopomps of hope, is part of our human ability to dream and realize those dreams’ potential. In modern times, it seems we have lost contact with these elements of faith, where the dream is allowed a place to drive our journey to reach new heights. So, the next time you look at the sky and wonder if something is present, remember that you are not alone in your belief.

Now, this is not necessarily part of a psychological dogma. Nor is it engrained in the doctrine of competing aspects of science or religion. Instead, it touches upon that most basic human need to realize one’s inner potential as the life story unfolds.

Do you believe in higher forms of consciousness guiding and molding the direction we take to realize our utmost potential? If you do, you can see how even a little guiding force can be a miracle towards self-responsibility and the action needed to realize a dream. With blessings, may adventure and good tithings find you on your journey to advance confidently in the direction of your dreams. Let me know what you think in your comments.

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