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An Affirmation for Abundance

Today, I affirm that an abundance of Love, Happiness, Health & Wealth are present in my life, are present in my life… Here & Now.

Dr. Thomas C. Maples

Engaging an Attitude of Abundance

Out of the darkest times comes light. 

After graduating with a Ph.D., I found myself without a trajectory. I had established myself in my career, had begun a wonderful family, and had reached the pinnacle of my education. What escaped me, however, was sadly an unknown factor. I had that big looming question, what do I want for my life, but I felt I did not have a direction for the first time. 

It was out of this place that I eventually found a practice, one that was right in front of my nose the entire time. Still, in the hustle of daily life, I had lost sight of its simplistic beauty. What did I learn? An attitude of gratitude. When the lesson sunk in, abundance became a daily calling that brought me to see the love, happiness, health, and wealth present in a life that ultimately was beginning. 

With all endings comes a new beginning. What taught me this attitude was a book written by best-selling author Rhonda Byrne entitled The Magic. While I am deeply indebted to her works, as a professional, I see much of what is missing in people’s overall psychophysiological and spiritual health is a lack of gratitude, which creates a lack of feeling, lack of movement, and ultimately a lack of hope in the direction one is moving. The book gives 28 exercises that re-engage the psyche towards an attitude of gratitude, re-awakening the way we see abundance in what is present in our life, here and now. 

Can you find one thing you are grateful for in your relationship? Can you find one thing you are grateful for in your children? Can you find one thing you are thankful for in the job that supports you and your family? As you engage in an attitude of gratitude and re-engage life on grateful terms, you will see doors open where there were once only barriers. Or, as Joseph Campbell stated,

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

~Joseph Campbell

Need Inspiration to Find Avenues for Abundance?

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