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Kindness & Love

Love & Kindness

Gentleness is stronger than severity, water is stronger than rock, love is stronger than force.

~ Hermann Hesse (Siddhartha)

Love and kindness are the driving force of all good in life. Do not be disillusioned by all the dividing forces you will see portrayed in media, social media, and those outlets that would profit from selling you divisive misery. Being gentle will always supersede being severe. No rock on Earth can ever withstand the gentle flow of water that would run its course. When combined with a will, love, and kindness are ways to heal that which is divided.

The Law of Attraction is alive in all of us. It manifests through gratitude, love, and the will to Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams. Dream, Believe, and Achieve your ultimate potential.

It is our choice to believe in the beauty of dreams unfolding. When we direct our mind’s eye to belief, faith guides us in the direction necessary to realize our Self as it unfolds into its most optimal being.

Are you being your best possible Self? Dr. Thomas Maples explores our personal and collective journey to realize our ultimate potential through the lens of psychology, personal development, and the myths that drive our journey forward.

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