Emotional Integrity: The Key to Individual and Relational Development

The Psychology Perspective

Recently I read a great article from fellow Blogger Alexandra Maria Santos entitled Men Insecurities: How Emotional Integrity Change How You Feel? Alexandra did a great job breaking down the ways emotions interplay between Self Development and relational development.

In today’s overly divisive environment, I could not help but notice just how little emotional integrity is present. It seems to me that the more closely intertwined we become by technological advancements, the more lonely our existence cements. Have we lost that all too human capacity to be in touch with our emotional experiences, outside of the countless array of experiences we perceive others to have had because of their social media wallpaper? Have we lost the capacity to perceive our own importance, outside of the number of likes a post gets.

Emotional Integrity is about owning your emotional experience, and developing the capacity to share it with others. I hope you enjoy the Psychology Perspective, and if you want to learn more about Alexandra Maria Santos’ blog, you can visit her at:


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    • These are common defenses to the development of inner awareness. Babies don’t shoe self loathing behaviors. Some may be a little more temperamental than others, but they learn and adapt to the environment they are in. We can learn a lot from babies. They are completely self aware beings.

      I have often found that by going within, what is found is love. At its core, this is what stands at our foundation. Thank you for commenting.

  1. Thank you very much. I have found in my profession as well as in this forum, there is a great community of people striving to become better. I am honored to be just one part of that journey when I can be.

  2. Interesting Dr. Maples, yes, these technological gadgets and the techno-socializing has changed us immensely, and not for the better. Is not every photo and sentence we view on our screens similar to a psychological flashcard ?Changing our thoughts and moods with every new page or advertisement. Compare the vile images and messages we are shown in today’s computer lifestyle to what we saw in the pre-computer world. Even while writing a simple letter, we are flashed all sorts of advertisements and images. I suspect a lot of societie’s problems stem from this barrage. Also, consider the medium of an led light-screen to the paper of old. Direct light-to-retina information display must play a role in this degrade as well ? The LED light, itself, is problematic, as are the fluorescents lights. I feel bad for all the people who have removed, and have been forced to remove, incandescent lights from their lives. Light is a powerful medium, even absent of attached images. The decades-long effort to replace incandescent lighting and even outlaw it, to me, is disturbing. I would suggest old-fashioned incandescent lighting for therapeutic benefits.

    • I couldn’t agree more. There is a big push for tech in every direction. Since when did humanity have to replace an item such as a phone on an annual basis? How much waste is this in money, let alone the carbon footprint it leaves on the world.

      Good old ☀️ sun, full spectrum lighting, and moderation of screen time. Thank you for this great comment.

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