Beauty… Greatness… Love

Inspirational Quote

Everything that is done out of Love acquires greatness and beauty.

– St. Josemaria Escriva

The Psychology Perspective

Love is the most powerful of emotions. Through it, we harness the power of creativity. St. Josemaria Escriva draws attention to the power that love has to make anything perceived be a remnant of beauty and greatness.

His principle work was the initiation, expansion, and government of the Catholic order Opus Dei. Through this organization, Escriva sought to help Catholics learn to sanctify themselves by secular work, that ordinary work that drives our day to day life, from which no spiritual gain may be had, but we can find the beauty within nevertheless.

In this St. Josemaria Escriva reminds us to find the beauty within the mundane, for it is in the dirty work, that oftentimes we find our truest cleansing from love.

Love is a universal force. Through this value, we are able to see the glowing embers that burn within the white heaped ash our day to day existence oftentimes produces.

What Beautiful Work of Greatness did You Take Part in Today?

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5 responses to “Inspiration: Beauty… Greatness… Love”

  1. Thanks Dr. Maples ! Great stuff to read. may I add that when one is doing physical labor or a repetitive labor, that does not require to much thought, you can really get into a deep state of thinking, perhaps the deepest state of thought possible; specially if it is outdoor work such as landscaping, with your hands, and with no machine or engine present, (which can numb the senses and mind). I find that digging a hole is very good for this.

    • I wish the had a better button than just like. Your words are absolutely correct.

      We push so hard to move away from physical aspects of labor, but it is this process of getting out of the mind and into the body that ultimately promotes mental health.

      My labor of love, producing aromatherapy candles for a company I started in the 90’s with my mother, which ultimately put me through my schooling and continues to support my family’s growth.

      Thank you for your well thought out comment. It is so important for us to return back to body.

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