The Psychology Perspective

Inspiration: Hope… A Work in Progress

Dr. Tom explores the paradoxes of hope: doubt and certainty, hopelessness and nourishment, absurdity and sense.

Inspiration: The Internal Power of Hope

Dr. Tom explores hope and its effect on creating a new perspective for psychology to treat emotional health versus mental health.

Inspiration: Hope… The Wisdom of Past Learning

Dr. Tom explores the need to ground hope into the wisdom of past knowledge. 2 quotes from Albert Einstein.

Day 19: My Journey to Release Weight (Weigh in Day #3)

Dr. Tom continues his exploration of the psychology behind weight loss. Fear and the scale!

Inspiration: Unity in Space

Change will set you free. Dr. Tom explores the psychological concept of making space.

Inspiration: The Possibility of Being

Dr. Tom explores the Possibilities of Being. Ash-work, the Shadow, and archetypes that lead to finding the glowing embers of soul within.

Inspiration: The Crossroads

Dr. Tom explores the archetypal construct of the crossroads and ways it leads to Self Growth.

Day 7: My Journey to Release Weight (The Dreaded Birthday Pizza Party)

Dr. Tom continues his exploration into the psychology of weight loss in an experiential journey to the dreaded Pizza Party

Inspiration: The Courage to Be Your Own Hero

Have you identified your daily success today? Dr. Tom explores the ways to be your own hero.

Inspiration: The Core Virtue of Courage

Dr. Tom explores the need to foster courage in the face of fear.

Do Prenups Work in California? The Psychology Perspective

Do Prenups Work? The Psychology Perspective.

Inspiration: A Kind Hearted Smile

Inspirational Quote A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles. Washington Irving The Psychology Perspective There exists a myth about the fountain of youth. That eternal spring grow where youthful rejuvenation takes place. I have found it, but not where the soul may perceive its true glory. …

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