The Psychology Perspective

Inspiration: The Internal Power of Hope

Dr. Tom explores hope and its effect on creating a new perspective for psychology to treat emotional health versus mental health.

Inspiration: Hope… The Wisdom of Past Learning

Dr. Tom explores the need to ground hope into the wisdom of past knowledge. 2 quotes from Albert Einstein.

Inspiration: The Possibility of Being

Dr. Tom explores the Possibilities of Being. Ash-work, the Shadow, and archetypes that lead to finding the glowing embers of soul within.

Day 7: My Journey to Release Weight (The Dreaded Birthday Pizza Party)

Dr. Tom continues his exploration into the psychology of weight loss in an experiential journey to the dreaded Pizza Party

Inspiration: A Kind Hearted Smile

Inspirational Quote A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles. Washington Irving The Psychology Perspective There exists a myth about the fountain of youth. That eternal spring grow where youthful rejuvenation takes place. I have found it, but not where the soul may perceive its true glory. …

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