The Unity of Being


At the heart of every being lies creation’s dream of a principle that will one day give organic form to its fragmented treasures. God is unity.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The Psychology Perspective

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was a Jesuit Priest that had a profound influence on the New Age Movement. He was trained as a paleontologist and geologist, wrote extensively on spiritual doctrine, and developed the idea that we all evolve to an Omega point, a final point where the universe unites with the divine.

What a divinely beautiful concept for The Psychology Perspective. God is Unity. Today, we celebrate in the United States, the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This man had a profound influence on helping this country to heal the division present. There was a spiritual element in his movement, and as Father de Chardin reminds us, God is a force that unites us, not divides us.

So how do we explain this form of complex growth as it relates to modern day quantum physics, philosophy, and of course psychology. Let take a trip to the gym if you will. We will begin to move the body in a matter that tears down the muscle. We will work hard, and the muscle will break down. The next day you will feel the lactic acid move into the space created by the muscle tearing. This pain, is growth in action. The act that divided the body had the intent of love. The result was growth through mending the divide present.

If only our modern day politicians could see the process as Dr. King and Father de Chardin had seen only a couple generations past.

God is Unity. God is Love. God is that Uniting force of Being that allows us to mend the fragmented treasures consciousness affords us, fostering a more holistic emotional, spiritual, and physical union with the divine. Thank you for reading.

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2 responses to “Inspiration: The Unity of Being”

  1. It would be a beautiful reconciliation if Pope Francis would lift the ban on his writings. There is an evolution taking place between science and religion, and the more that we look for ways to mend the divide, the better humanity will be in making sense of its journey towards consciousness. Thank You for sharing Dr. Jackie. I look forward to checking out your writings.

  2. I read deChardin’s “The Divine Milieu” in 1961. He conceived the idea of the Omega point (a maximum level of complexity and consciousness toward which he believed the universe was evolving. Unfortunately, the Catholic Church did not agree and published a warning about his writings,”to protect the minds,” especially of the young, “against the dangers presented by the works of Fr. Teilhard de Chardin and of his followers.” Pope Francis is thinking about having the ban lifted, as scientists in quantum physics are discovering what deChardin had published in the 60’s. The truth is there for those who seek it.

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