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Thomas Maples
Nurturing the Rose Within…

Inspirational Quote

But he that dares not grasp the thorn Should never crave the rose.

Anne Brontë

A Depth Psychology Perspective

Happiness. Perhaps it is the most elusive of all emotions. For in the practice of honoring the soul’s depth, there are genuinely only a few emotions that move us towards a realized state of being. Yet, it is the search for this elusive emotion that brings such heartache. I can say that I have never met a client in my private psychology practice that has ever grasped the presence of happiness for long. Yet, for some reason, most will focus vehemently on other emotional responses that somehow sway their efforts from the goal. To what end?

Today, I happened upon an elegant saying from a beautiful woman born in a wonderfully gifted literary family. She reminds us of the brevity that life’s emotions afford us. We seek beauty but frequently fail to see the thorns at its base. These thorns are dangerous yet create the very defenses needed for the beauty to arise.

Have you ever put yourself down? Have you ever looked within the mirror and seen something staring back that shot pain through your soul? These thorn laden events are the very nature of the briar-work the soul needs to get to the apex of the rose that lies on top. For in its presence is the jewel being, that nature of beauty that we all seek, but few will take the time to grasp its genuine significance.

Photo by Silviu Cozma from Pexels

No wonder many fairy tales explore the grounding essence of the beauty found in a rose. It presents us with a natural representation of the life journey unfolded. For in a prick from the rose’s spindly thorn, blood must shed to realize the nature of the beautiful flower unfolding.

Namaste, my friends. May prayers bless you along your journey to believe, achieve, and advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.


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