Abundance… To Touch Upon the Diamonds Within

Inspirational Quote

You are, at this moment, standing right in the middle of your own acres of diamonds.

Earl Nightingale

A Depth Psychology Perspective

Today’s citation comes from one of my favorite personal development authors and motivational speakers, Earl Nightingale. Aside from Wayne Dyer, who often cites Nightingale’s work, Earl pioneered the fields of inspirational psychology and motivational speaking by helping people be aware of the inner treasures they have within.

Got happiness? Got love? I know that I ask this often. But these elemental jewels of the psyche (soul) lie within. Yet, all too often, we look for this feeling from an external perspective. Maybe this is why we go without these foundational building blocks of our inner development.

There is a real secret to abundance present. However, it is not as complicated as you think. It takes work, but it also takes passion and love. Love must be present for the job done, for in the monotony of its journey is where the treasure of the destination lies. This journey is where the heat of passion ignites, and the pressure that inner dreams place upon us can turn those deep-seated sources of kernels into the fuel needed to create those soul-felt diamonds within.

Namaste, my friends. May blessings find you along your journey to believe, achieve, and advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.


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