How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. ~ Wayne Dyer

As a psychotherapist, I have found that the source of many of today’s problems is a simple lack of faith. This is especially true as it relates to our process of letting go. From my personal experience, I have found that the process of letting go is oftentimes much more difficult to undertake than to say. However, in practice, its effects can be profound, as one turns to a higher power in order to move freely towards the destination they manifest.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer had said, how people treat you is their karma. We have no capacity to control their actions and/or inaction. This is a simple truth that effects our personal past, present, and future. However, what we can control the way we let it affect us. By choosing effective ways to react to the actions and/or inactions of others, we manifest personal freedom to take control over our destiny.

Whether we are working with events from the past, present, or future, we all the capacity to learn, grow, and Advance Confidently in the Direction of Our Dreams by working the Law of Attraction, showing gratitude for what we have received, and finding the glowing embers within the ashes the past has afforded us.

How do you react when negative events come your way? What are your experiences of surrender and letting go?

© 2019 by Dr. Tom

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