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Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.

Saint Augustine
The Soul of Beauty

The Psychology Perspective

Ah… The beauty of a sinner turned Saint. Saint Augustine turned his life from debauchery and sin through the act of repentance and reprieve. He was the perfect example of the power any individual has to turn their life around when they go within to find their inner essence, that inner beauty that becomes hardened with our normal developmental journey to grow up.

Those who have read my developmental texts, will understand that we undertake a lifelong process to realize our inner beauty. Carl Jung called this process Self-Realization. Buddhist religion and Eastern philosophy liken the state to Nirvana, the Sanskrit word meaning to be blown out. In modern psychology we have developed a more metaphysical quantum understanding of the state as being integral, capable of existing both within and outside of the ability consciousness has to perceive itself.

A wise priest once told me that God is love. Just imagine what a world would be without love. Have you ever wondered the same. Love moves us at the level of the soul. It is not spirit… Although it uplifts (spirit), it also takes us down, within (soul). Yin and Yang? Possibly. The soul of beauty is Love. What soul tending have you done today?

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