An Answer to Prayer’s Intent

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God answers all prayers in three ways: “Yes” – because you deserve it, “No” – because you deserve better, and “Not yet” – Because The Best is Yet To Come.


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I first heard this quote on Oprah Winfrey’s book The Path Made Clear. I fell in love with the quote, but when I did a little research, I could not find the original source of these beautiful words. I would welcome any news on it, in that these words seem to be angelic in nature, and shifts the focus towards the true spirit of prayer’s intent.

My writings focus on hope, inspiration, and the need to find light within all the darkness that surrounds our day to day lives. When I happened upon this saying, it moved me at a deep level. In fact, during a week where I took a set back in my personal journey to release weight, this saying inspired me to carry on, because the best is truly yet to come.

This perception is faith in action!

The Best is Yet To Come. Faith. Belief in that unseen dream that has yet to become a reality. However, its lack of physical existence in this time is dictated only by the amount of effort and hard work one puts into the journey. As Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “Work Your Ass Off” and the reward already exists.

An Answer to Prayer’s Intent

When we engage in prayer, it is not necessarily a vending machine. Instead, it is an internal and eternal dialogue between you and the source of creation. We are created in God’s image, so when we pray, we go both within and without. We sacrifice time to give praise to something much greater than ourselves, yet we center ourselves in the process of going within. This form of dialogue is meditative in nature, and truly moves the soul to new heights.

My personal ritual, a prayer of gratitude for what will become in the AM on the way to the gym, and a prayer of gratitude for what was in the PM on my way to sleep. I rarely get through the PM prayer, because my body just knows I put my all into the day.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to your comments.

Believe… Achieve… Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams.

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