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Childhood is a short season.

Helen Hayes

Let parents bequeath to their children not riches, but the spirit of reverence.

Inspiration: Parenting… A Season of Change

Practical Parenting

There is some wisdom here. After 10 day in home lock-down, I look at my children and realize the wonder that still lies behind their eyes. This is a wonder that in ways, I am jealous of… but revere in their capacity to see the world from a lens of nothing other than possibility.

Being a home school teacher now, I realize that we educate rules into children. We dictate their minds to assume the staunch nature of adult ways of categorizing and seeing the world. But as the Book of Genesis suggests, this fall into consciousness has both great rewards and dire repercussions to the developing psyche. While it opens their mind to employable skills, the aftermath of such an arduous journey is the loss of imagination, the loss of seeing the world as a grand experiment, the loss of childhood delight.

Childhood is a short season. It is our job as parents to assure that our children become fully functioning, independent, adult beings that can take care of themselves and others. We force this form of consciousness out of love, because it is wrought with the same triumphs and tribulations we undertook to take that first step towards adult life and advance confidently towards the direction of our dreams. However, we also need to foster that inner creativity, that inner essence that makes childhood such a grand time. Our rules are fine, but we also need to foster and amplify their creative and experimental nature. By fostering their capacity to work with and from the world in an ecologically based harmonious way we can assure not only their capacity to survive and thrive in this world, but also assure they never lose sight of their inner capacity to generate ideals that promote internal and external health, wealth, and happiness.

Prayers and blessings for you parents during this time. Believe… Achieve… Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams.

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  1. For many parents, these days have brought a season with a window, an opportunity to witness the goodness of childhood. Two of my daughters are homebound during this era of extreme social distancing, yet these times will be filled with precious moments through their children.

    • Much agreed friend. We need to create the closeness needed within the family. I have actually began to look more forward to the slowing down process with my children.

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