Shine On… Let Your Inner Light Guide You…


I’m not afraid of death because I don’t believe in it.
It’s just getting out of one car, and into another.

― John Lennon

We all shine on…like the moon and the stars and the sun…we all shine on…come on and on and on…

― john lennon

A Father’s Guide to Wisdom

A little bit off topic, but bear with me. I often will listen to classical rock. Perhaps with all that is going on, that is why I chose to focus on a great speaker of peace, John Lennon’s words this week. Here we see some inroads into this man’s deeply rooted spiritual philosophy, and it reminds me of another great rock band’s anthem, Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd. Perhaps that last quote was somewhat of an influence? Who knows, but there is some words of wisdom there, wouldn’t you agree.

In any form of spiritual wisdom, the issue of death, transcendence, and the capacity to move to greater heights is addressed. We are just vehicles of the wake that was yesterday, but the direction the car travels is always in our control. We need only steer the vehicle towards the direction we want to take it. That direction is created through dual perspectives, one future oriented, the other present minded. We must determine where we are going, and be present enough in the moment not to hit the objects directly in our path in order to get to our destination in a safe manner.

Carl Jung was well aware of this concept, when he explored the ideal Self as emerging from a process called circumambulation. This is a process that is not linear, diverges from the outside path most often taken, and draws the person to go within. But this process creates the means by which environmental forces draw our attention to those events, those very stimuli that were always present, but not part of our conscious awareness. They draw conscious awareness to their presence to amplify the frequency by which we are operating. It brings our consciousness the vision to bring that etherial direction into a manifest reality.

Today, I will focus on the creation of abundance. But to what direction. I will manifest it to move me closer to my internal dream which is to be a man that follows through, and pushes out the other side. What is your motivating factor today? What car are you jumping out of and into? As always…

Many Prayers and Blessings… Don’t forget to Believe… Achieve… and Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams.

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10 responses to “Shine On… Let Your Inner Light Guide You…”

  1. Always keep one foot moving in front of the other. It’s the journey that counts.

  2. neat perspectives, Dr. T ! I’m a big fan of the under-rated band YES, one the greatest bands of all time ( at least their albums from their 2nd one up to the one in 1984, the old stuff is much better though ). Their work after the ‘owner of a lonely heart” album in 84’ has been poor, the magic left. I saw them at the old Philadelphia Spectrum ( now demolished, what a shame) back in 1991 0r 2 in the ‘Union” tour ( all their past members from beginning to 1984.) Talented, talented musicians, but, their was too many people on stage ( in-the- round revolving stage) and at the time I felt it was’nt a good show. One of their drummers was the great Alan White, who happened to be the drummer for John Lennon on the famous song ‘imagine’. Yes put out some solid albums with unique, musically complicated, un-orthodox songs.Steve Howe is one of rock’s greatest guitarist, a far-away 2nd place to Jimi Hendrix, who is another of my life-time favorites. ( note: this guitarist ranking refers to the category ” rock’s greatest”, not ‘ all-time greatest, which has the jazz and classical guitarist included. Hendrix still wins that category, too, though. You will like Yes, albums: fragile, close to the edge, drama, going for the one ( one bad song on that album, though 1st side, 2nd song), revolver, their second album, cant remember the name, tormato, I have the pink floyd ‘wish you where here’ album, used to be one of my favorites with ‘animals’. I saw david gilmore back in 1984 or 5.

    • Great to hear from you friend. I hope all is well with you and yours during this time. What have you been up to?

      • Thanks Dr. Maples ! The place I am at now has no computer access except at the library, so that slows things down. So I am doing some work on a fix-up home, and mentally preparing for the next phase to try to get the world to see what I have found, it is the most important information that the world should know. Now is the time for this world to see that we are all part of God, and it can be proven in a way that all can understand, with math, physical objects, and the prophetic ancient stories of people of the world. ( my favorite is the old wall of Jerusalem 180 alignment to the Tohono O’ odham ( Papago) Tribe ” mountain at the center of the universe”, and then add that Jerusalem fit perfectly into the Auriga Constellation ( without any tilting or turning, as they lay, north to south. And that Auriga is on the Star-map line 180 degree line. ) It is trully amazing. What I have found may be the last chance for us to unite in peace and brotherly love, given to us by God. Think about it, here is mathematical and physical proof of God, done in an exiting and interesting way that is beyond our dreams, and many people ignore because it differs from what they thought the world to be. Why would God want a world of people who refuse to accept basic, simple evidence of His existence ? I need help getting these findings out, Dr. T. If you can email anybody you know, and tell them of these findings shown on my website, that would be great. Be sure to expose yourself to Yes in chronologic order. Skip the first album, it is not that good, I think. They are on youtube. Do not forget about the forgotten, ignored, ridiculed music we saw on the ” Lawrence Welk Show” , you can find ” The Ray Coniff Singers” and the ” Johhny Mann Singers” on youtube or the thrift store. This stuff is better than Yes. they do some great covers of Beatles songs at pop songs from the 60s and 70s. Turn the dial up to 11 with these albums that society has judged ” uncool” .

      • Thanks Dr. Maples,…whilst on the subject of music, I believe the real important thing to be said about music is it’s power to do great damage to individuals and society….this is an important part of music that nobody seems to acknowledge….. Music is in fact a drug, in the form of sound-waves. Our moods and thoughts can be changed immediately by hearing one key hit on the piano…We all know there are happy sounding notes, and sad sounding notes….And the more complicated the pattern of notes played, the more nuanced are the effects on our moods and thought processes….. these human weaknesses to this medium ( and others), are largely kept secret from the public, and it is this way for tactical purposes, in order to manipulate the populace ( and sell us things, too)….Many musical notes, and songs of different genres, have the ability to not make us happy or sad, but, to SHUT the brain-down from thinking, ( and also shut-down any conversation or talking if there is more than one person listening )….Many of the songs we here on radio are of this sort. Songs that are not that good seem to get repeated air-play for decade upon decade. Many times they get played so much, that to some people, the songs become ” favorites” or even part of the culture….. We must always remember who are the entities that choose for us what will be heard. There are not that many owners of radio stations, music labels out there. It is just a handful of owners….. Note all the bad music that is always on the radio, all these horribly written, awkward, off-putting songs, and they get played daily for generations…..Science has known for a long-time how music with lyrics will throw-off a listeners ability to learn and think…Then we hear the music that puts people into ” fight ” mode. We hear these violence glorifying songs in all genres as well. They can be very stimulating to hear, and even enjoyable, but, the fact is, these songs influence some people to act-out there feelings. Some people BECOME the music they listen too. Some people also will model their character and personality to the songs, and, even the music-stars who plays them, changing people, generations, and cultures for the worst…..Every music genre has it’s harmful characteristics, and it seems as if it is designed to degrade and divide the population…The media owners know that this is what happens, it is common scientific fact, the entire advertising industry is based on this weakness of the human brain to media stimuli…. So, even with the music I like, I do not like to abuse it, and my favorite kind of music, and the least harmful, is classical music and maybe the jazz classics…. Thank Dr. Maples for providing this forum, I felt that this must be said.

      • Very true. I think this would also reflect upon the entertainment industry in general. I loved the old Morgan Freeman quote. “There is a reason they call it programming.”

      • You bet, Dr. T ! I said this before, but I will say it again ,because it is a ” haymaker fact and statistic ” that can win a court case : the fact that we have seen and been shown thousands of news reports, specials, documentaries, shows, movies on a thousand different subjects, YET, we have NEVER seen a one thing on the science of the medias, and human weaknesses to media stimuli, such as suggestions, colors, sounds, notes, words, vocal tone, facial expressions, repetition, advertising, half – the – fact news and history reports, etc. ” A person has to actively look for information on this most important subject (that shapes people’s characters, culture, political opinions, and our moods. ) Such a fun and fascinating subject/ science as well. This country, this world, needs to be educated on this science. Nothing gets better in our world unless this happens. In my life-long media observations, I can conclude that we have, and, are being, manipulated and stereotyped into divisions, and arguments. It makes me sad how the president and the opposing party have NEVER accurately and honestly described the medias, and their major role in our lives. These facts say it all, Dr. T. No conversation or debate on ANY subject should start, until this description of our medias role in our views on reality are established.

      • Important to add, the best music is NO music. Thinking, working, and, relaxing is best when we let the random sounds of the city or country provide our soundtrack. This is when we are all closest to God. We may think that our favorite music playing in the background ( or, the television on) is a benign thing that doesn’t effect us, but, fact is, part of our minds are taking all the information in that our senses pick-up, and it processes it. This takes up part of our concentration bandwidth, and test show our thinking ability is stunted. It effects our moods greatly, and in ways we can not control. One of the first things a Medical doctors should ask patents, after ” what medications do you take?”, should be ” what is your media lifestyle ? do you watch tv all day ? What type of music are you exposed to ? etc.

      • We can not talk about music without mentioning what is derisively called, ” elevator music”. This stuff is awesome, Dr. T. You can find the albums at thrift stores, and, as you know, it is all the popular songs of the 60, 70, 80’s done with orchestras and light-jazz insrumentals. This is party music, it is fun to listen, too, and it does not ” take-over” a room or a conversation when it is playing. The quest to be a ” cool” person is a dead-end street that ends in the middle of no-where. This desire to be a “cool” or “tough guy”, which the medias has suckered us into mimicing, has done much damage to society. Much of the violence we see in our neighborhoods are by people defending their ” tough guy ” or “cool” reputation. Also a lot of rudeness is committed by people trying to cool like the movie and music stars. It has not been like this forever, Dr. Maples. The rise of movies and music glorifying violence and crime matches the stats in the rise of violence and crime in our world… This holds true with police violence as well. We have seen movies and tv shows glorifying police violence for generations……

      • You bring up an interesting point here. There has been an underlying myth, even spoke of by Robert Bly, about this mythic masculine figure that shows no emotions, and is portrayed by popular media as being somewhat of a bumbling idiot. I see a complex problem, in that the way Hollywood and/or traditional media portrays men has nothing to truly do with how men feel, speak, or act. But instead, creates a theater of the oppressed scenario, where the oppressed becomes the oppressors.

        This is very much a rabbit hole. What is cool. What gets you most likes. Well, in essence, if traditional media is any indication, violence sells when good new constitutes less than 10% of any program. That is a scary equation, when you think of how individuals will use this same statistic to create their 10 seconds of fame.

        We need to bring God, the Father back into the equation. I am not being sexist in this comment, but talking of the archetypal forces of Moral Commandment and Prohibition common to that archetypal force of the father. This is a psychological phenomenon we find ourselves within, and without commandments and prohibitive forces intra-psychically in place to control these impulses, we are in a bad place collectively.

        My prayers and blessing are with you my friends. I shut the media off, because as of yesterday’s post, I will choose to see the world for what is right outside my door, not what programming is attempting to influence.


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