Dream or Wisdom?Inspiration for the Soul

If you can dream it, you can do it.

~ Walt Disney

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

~ Colin Powell

To Act, or to Dream?

I have always been fascinated by dreams. The enantiodromia that plays out in the mind’s eye has been a frequent source of fun, reverie, absurdity, horror, and comedy for my night’s entertainment. While these figments of the mind can take us on beautiful adventures, they also have a healing effect. Not only the ones that play out in our slumbering heads but also the ones we hold close to our hearts as we approach a day ready to pursue their intent.

What is the meaning of the reality we create through the dream?

There are volumes on this subject that spans millennia. I will not recreate the voluminous content here; instead, I will touch upon the dynamic movement present in this kernel of psychic energy that houses a world of possibility within it.

A dream is simply one possibility—a quantum reality yet to be realized. It holds no physical weight, even though it may create dynamic movement towards materializing its presence through the sweat, hard work, and perseverance needed to realize its intent. These elements of psychic energy constitute a passive activity. The mind does it with minimal effort. Physically, it may look like the electrical currents on an EEG. But each of those currents represents a world of possibility, yet to be realized in material form.

Worlds of possibility, the quantum, even the ethereal nature of dreams may sound like magic, a direct position against what our former Secretary of State Colin Powell stated above. But is it? The tenets of science as we know it today, which studies material reality, have only existed for nearly seven centuries. Before that, the idea of an atom was a philosophical construct of the mind, with no known representation in material reality as we currently understand its composition. As you can see, we construct the world we create through belief in what was once unknown constructs.

The human mind is one such construct, a specimen of beauty from my perspective. It creates worlds of possibility all its own. But those possibilities come with a responsibility for action. Yet, far too often, the action part may stay locked in the mind’s cycle, stuck, without finding fruition. Just as a seed can plant itself on a ripe field, it takes the work of nurturance to help it sprout into the fruit-bearing tree it can become. Have your dreams been nurtured, or do they stand in the barren field of time once lost? Either way, there is time to rekindle their beauty.

What dream calls upon you? Can you feel it? Is it there, waiting for just one ounce of nurturance?

What element of hard work will you commit so that the seedling of your dream may sprout into the mighty oak it holds within?

May blessings find you, friends, on your journey to advance confidently in the calling of your dream’s intent.

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