Be Your Own Hero

Inspirational Quotes

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

― Winston S. Churchill

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”

―Nora Ephron

The Psychology Perspective

Hey guys. Today I saw a great combination of quotes that made me think of instant inspiration. I hope you enjoyed the video. Today, I want to focus on the idea of courage and the need to be your own hero.

In psychology, I see many that are in a state of despair. Things may not be going well, and if life has become problematic, many times people cannot move themselves out of the perspective that keeps them entrapped into their current life circumstances.

As the Disney Princess Elsa said… Let it Go. Do not let your past effect who you are in the moment. Let it Go!!! Identify a goal… and allow each present moment move you towards the realization of that goal.

Have you ever driven a car at night. Even the greatest of headlights, will only light up 300 feet of roadway at a time. Most often, we cannot even see the destination we are traveling, but by driving in the general direction, 300 feet at a time, we can reach the destination with little to no effort.

Let the Light of Life Light The Direction of Your Dreams!!!

Don’t let your mind dictate a different reality from the one that exists. Any goal worth pursuing will bring you challenges. Some detours may occur, but keep the general direction in your heart, and through hard work, determination, and the will to persevere, you will realize any goal you set your heart towards.

Have you identified what you will successfully move towards today?

Believe… Achieve… & Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams

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