What a great weekend. I feel energized, relaxed, and ready to begin a new week. The nicest thing, I get to spend President’s Day with my Boys.

On today’s list, some healthy fun. I am not a hunter, but I know the value of father’s taking there son’s out to spend time with one another in that eternal search for wild beasts that can be tamed. Today’s hunt, Pokémon.

A few years ago, I began playing Pokémon Go with my children. It allows them to play games, while walking places that they may never have never seen. A virtual mix between the creatures of myth, children and adults of the present, and the need children and parents have to partake in those playful acts that foster healthy emotional and spiritual growth. The nicest thing, it can get your steps up, engages you and your children in walking, can take them to historical places of context, can foster new levels of experiential learning, and opens the gate for wonderful parent child interaction.

Today is a new week, new beginning, and is looking to be filled with a lot of fun. Thank you everyone for reading. I want to leave you with this video I found yesterday. Very powerful stuff. Especially on the level of creating reality from the dreams we foster.


Believe… Achieve… Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams.

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