There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.

The fear of failure is ever-present in our lives. While fear is an emotion that can be used to our advantage, it also has a way of standing in the way of us following our dreams. This blog post discusses how we can use this foundational fear to create movement towards the realization our dreams.

Dreams are the private thoughts. They represent not only unconscious dramas that heal our psyche, they also create the images our soul needs to create movement towards the goals we want to accomplish. Because they represent our inner sanctum, we are emotionally tied to their presence. This is where fear can step in as a barrier for us to realize that storyline the soul is calling us towards.

Fear is an emotional response that tells us when something isn’t right. It triggers the fight, flight, or freeze response. While fighting for or running towards to realization of our dreams is beneficial, to be frozen with fear creates paralysis. From this position, a dream can never be realized. So what can you do if you are stuck in paralysis?

When fear prevents us from taking action, we need to know how to confront it. How do you break down the barriers that keep your inner dream life hidden? Sometimes, you need to take a step back and consider what is in front of you. By stepping back and looking at your life objectively, you may see areas of success you have already experienced that can be a springboard for you to face those fears that hold you back from being present.

By taking time to step back and view yourself objectively, it becomes easier for you to see where your fears originated. By understanding the origins of your fear, you develop greater self-understanding. This creates the means for the fear to loosen its grip over you. This is a key foundation to using your experience as a guide to navigate your life.

Secondly, find a person that has travelled the course. Oftentimes, by finding someone to look up to, you find small changes available that you may not have known were present. Having an outside opinion is crucial to truly seeing yourself objectively.

The emotion of fear does not have to stand in the way of your dreams. While it is a normal emotion meant to keep you out of danger, you can work with it in a positive way to move to where realizing your dream is possible. Emotions are really only Energy in Motion. We can use the fight response to harness fighting energy to create to our dreams. We can use the flight response to run towards our dreams instead of away from their presence in our life. Above all, avoid freezing. Paralysis is the only solution that will hold us back from harnessing the energy needed to realize the brevity those dreams that will make life truly fulfilling.

As always my friends, namaste. May blessings find you on your journey to advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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