Prayer in Action

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“I prayed for freedom for twenty years, but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.” 

(Frederick Douglass)

The Psychology Perspective

Today’s quote is from Frederick Douglass, who was a primary source behind the abolishment of slavery. During a vacation to Washington DC last year, I became highly fascinated by the personal relationship Douglass, an astute philosopher and writer on personal freedom had with the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

The history between these two is rich, and shows how core values held between two individuals willing to work together can shape the face of a nation. In their last encounter, both men met at the White House Lawn after Lincoln’s second inauguration Douglass wrote…

When Mr. Lincoln saw me, his countenance lighted up and he said in a voice which was heard all around: ‘Here comes my friend Douglass.’

The president shook his friend’s hand. ‘I saw you in the crowd today listening to my inaugural address,’ he said. Then he asked Douglass, one of America’s finest orators, what he thought of the speech. ‘There is no man’s opinion that I value more than yours.’

Cited from (Abraham Lincoln Meets Frederick Douglass)

In today’s quote, we continue the lesson of the power prayer has when we put intent behind it. Alone, it may or may not lead to the fruition of what is asked… But then, does God exist only to be a vending machine for wishes that are unwilling to be worked for?

Frederick Douglass shaped the face of a nation by understanding that belief mixed with hard work makes reality out of what was once only dreams. I hope you enjoyed.

What motivates you? What dreams do you want to fulfill?

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