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Thomas Maples

Inspirational Quote

It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.

Philosophical Food for Thought

I happened upon this quote from the great martial artist Bruce Lee. Wow, does it put things into perspective! How much time and effort do you spend on the increase? New goals, new cars, new homes, new jobs, more, more, and more! Does this rat race indeed lead to happiness? Or does it produce an illusion around what happiness is or is not? 

I have found that this form of striving creates more void than it brings meaning to our human experience. 

Has anyone else felt that same absence?

What would it feel like to arrive for once. To decrease what is needed to those foundational elements that fulfill rather than distract? Here is a little exercise to get there. 

  1. Take inventory of where you are at.
  2. What is present in your life that is working?
  3. What is absent in your life that you feel you are striving against?
  4. What can you let go of to free up the time needed to work on that altruistic goal?
  5. Does it conflict with the things that are working and bringing you happiness in your life?
  6. If so, back to the drawing board…
  7. If not, you may just have arrived, but only by decreasing distractions from your actual goals. 

Namaste, my friends. I hope this helps on your journey to advance confidently in the direction of your dreams. 

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