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Thomas Maples

Making Space Continued

If a caterpillar does not make space within its soul, it looses site of its true beauty within, that years to release itself to be seen.

In this segment, I continue my exploration of moving within, making space, and creating the internal drive to release what is there. Weight loss is but one journey. Part of its true test is to allow the psyche to release the toxicity of what is there, so we can fill it with the health, the wealth, the desire, and happiness we seek.

It’s almost like beginning a journey. W have a destination in mind. But many times, we fear taking that first step. In order to move away from, we must release the comfort we feel in the moment. We must move away from the shoreline in order to traverse into the unknown. We must release what is there, those elements that hold us back, in order to get to the place we dream to go.

The Psychology Perspective

Making Space: Emptying the Glass

I want to thank Weight Watchers for giving me the road map. For every journey, we often times don’t know the terrain that lays ahead. We know the beginning. Hey, we have already been there and know how to get there. We know the end, but what roads will get me there? That is the true power of having a good map, coach, and team at your side.

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