The Psychology of Letting Go and Weight Loss

The Psychology of Letting Go and Weight Loss

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said… “You have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” The country was going through a dark time, the economy was tanked, and so many had to save what small savings they had due to an uncertain future. We learned to horde, to hold on to, to not let go?

In following generations, we learned to create excess, but held onto the lessons of little. Maybe this is a reason we learned to hold on and not let go. Maybe we forgot how to let go of our fear, and move on to greater and new horizons.

The Psychology Perspective

The change of habits, whether it be linked to food, drugs, alcohol, gaming, or lifestyle choices such as entitlement, procrastination, etc., etc., etc. are difficult features of personality to let go of. In making change, we must face the Daemons of personality we created, learn to navigate the emotional torrents present when fear arises, let go, and make room for that which is new; that which will ultimately drive us to new heights.

It is natural when making any form of life change for fear to arise. But this is the only thing truly needed to overcome in order to start our personal journey towards new horizons. As William Faulkner said:

You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.

William Faulkner

5 responses to “Day 21: My Personal Journey to Release Weight”

  1. I have recently booked myself a holiday after months of worrying about the fear of not being to afford it. I worked through the fear and created a manageable budget to allow me to do it. A current fear I have is messing up a project. For the last 12 months I have been learning to paint. I recently did a practice landscape on A4 size and I am now want to paint it onto a 40X50CM canvas board. I have a fear of messing it up , I keep looking at the blank canvas and doing nothing about it. I have decided to challenge myself to overcome the fear…..the painting must be completed before I leave for my holiday on February 11th.

    • The true art exists in the minds eye. What is on the canvas is just a representation of the beauty that lies within. Prayers and positive energy your way to leave on that trip with your artwork beautifully standing in its space.

    • Doesn’t it seem like it always involves us overcoming fears. This week I focused on hope, next week I think I will focus on courage.

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