Weight Loss Journey

Hello All. Great day today. Weight Watchers has a great program and is quite affordable. Hope all has been well with you as well. I have no idea what the weight is, but I am beginning to loose focus on even caring. As I continue this journey, I began to realize that much of what is there, is the need to organize my life around finding an inner happiness habit. Weight within itself is not a deciding factor about our emotional state. Instead, it something we carry with us until we are ready to let it go.

My greatest accomplishment today, waking up feeling energized and grateful that I have today, and the rest fell into place. In fact, something cool even happened. I decided to try something outside of my norm, and try a new food for dinner. Can’t wait to share, but I will write about that later with the ingredients.

The Psychology Perspective

Our mind creates images. Even images of our Self. However, these images are not necessarily true. They are perceived pictures of who we were mixed with the person we are in the moment. They are further clouded by images of that which we wish to become.

Our self image, even though it is a figment of the mind’s imagination is ultimately perceived to be us (Pathway to Happiness). However, these images can be distorted at an emotional, spiritual, and even physical level.

The image I had of myself when I began this blog was clouded by an insult a doctor gave. However, that person is not me. I am not owning his perception of me. No I am not giving up on my weight loss journey. I am continuing to release aspects of my former self, while I am consciously choosing not to assume others perceptions about me.

I Feel?

I Am?

I Want?

I am Grateful For?

I feel great. I am blessed. I want… Forget this, I crave life. I am hungry for life in all its healthy essence. I am grateful for this day and all the beautiful experiences my health has allowed me to witness and take part.

Today’s Experimental Recipe

Home Made Fish Sticks

2 Pieces of Atlantic Cod – 0 Points

2 Eggs 0 Points

1 Cup of Progresso Bread Crumbs – 13 Points (Next Time) I will use Panko Breading as that is only 3 points per 1/3 of a cup. Be Prepared.

1 Table Spoon of Lemon Pepper to Taste

1 Table Spoon of Garlic Powder to Taste

1 Table Spoon of Sweet Basil and Oregano Bruschetta to Taste

I cut 2 fillets of Atlantic Cod in halves. I dipped them into the egg mix. I then lightly breaded the fillets into the mix. I did not use the entire mix of breading, as some of it went to waste. I sprayed the fillets with Great Value Butter Flavor Spray to get the golden buttery taste.

I then cooked the fillets in that cool Air Fryer gift I received for Christmas. Yes, I asked for a healthy and fast way to cook my food, as I am a person very much on the go. I cooked the meal at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. The Fillets were not quite thawed. I finished my dinner off with 40 pieces of seasoned Great Value Fries, 9 Points.

Voila – Fish and Chips

Thank You for Reading

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