There are ups and downs in any emotional journey to create a new you. Weight Watchers has been a big help on providing a system to adhere to. I am taking a little time to reflect on mine today, because it has been a special week.

I never would have thought that I would be writing about a Diet Journey. But that is primarily because I was so fearful about the repercussions of being accountable not only to my personal journey, but walking the talk as it relates to inspiring others to achieve their common goals. That is a whole new level of responsibility, and something that a diet alone would not prepare me for.

Week One Downs on the Weight Loss Journey

I always start with downs when exploring paradoxical concepts. I like to end things on a positive note… It leads to beginning the next stage on a good note. As I think of what were the downs, I can’t come up with much. Transition sticks out; but this was something I was ready to undertake and commit to succeeding within. There is always a little anxiety present, but not journey worth undertaking comes anxiety free. There was some degree of fear about my capacity to get everything done, but commitment to my overall excellence pushed me to find time and to get it done. In short, I had to listen to the angel versus the daemon. I had to tell that pessimistic voice where to go… Maybe there were a few downs in the first place.

Week One Ups on the Weight Loss Journey

A journey of self exploration stands out the most. I did lose weight, and I began to test myself objectively around the confines the program placed on me. But it wasn’t as difficult as I made it out to be.

Isn’t that amazing. We begin to undertake something, take that first step into uncharted and unknown territory, and insurmountable amount of “what ifs” our mind creates begins to simply vanish. That is the Psychology perspective. That is the key to inner growth and development.

The Psychology Perspective

Commitment to Excellence. What is the definition of Excellence?… To excel to the end of what you committed to as a interim destination you wish to see yourself within. More on that this week.

What’s Your Commitment to Excellence?

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