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Thomas Maples

The Psychology Perspective

There is a need to tend to the soul when you make any major life-style change. While the mind is easy to distract us, and always likes moving to the point of least resistance, in making commitments to health, to wealth, to happiness, or simply your overall wellbeing, the mind becomes easily distracted and will gravitate towards old habits.

I used this time to create an overall lifestyle change. This is not just about a journey to release weight. It is about a journey to put into action those dreams I left sleeping long ago due to a million of excuses that I knew were too numerous to allow my dreams to find fruition. Releasing weight for me is not necessarily about a number. Even though I have stayed strong in not looking at my number after the weekend. For me, it is about releasing an old way of being, and allowing a new life to reverberate through my soul.

I chose to write about this journey to link it to a higher purpose. If there is no higher purpose, no image at least of the destination you are going, our general psychology easily losses focus, and it will allow you to slip back into old habits. The directions for me is supplied by Weight Watchers. I enjoy there new program, in that it allows me to link aspects of high protein, low carb options with my overall counting of lifestyle foods I choose. It also allows me not to be limited in my choices.

Lesson Learned

  1. Create a Void – This is a key step in the tenets of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). First there is a release – admit that you are powerless over something. This creates a void. Then the void must be filled. What do you want to fill it with.
  2. Find that Higher Purpose / Power that motivates and drives you. In AA, the second step calls for one to find a higher power or purpose. This is intimately linked to the psychology of Carl Jung, as the founder of the Princeton Group was once a patient fired by the Swiss psychiatrist. Even Bill, the author of the Blue Book pays homage to the swiss psychiatrist from whom the inspiration for the book was attained.
  3. That purpose pulls you along the journey… It becomes the source of a passion that is larger than you. It is your Self emerging, not the self you had been.
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