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Thomas Maples

To Make Space

There is an intimate connection between space and weight. When we undertake any form of weight loss journey, we are asking a higher power, God, the Universe, Brahman, whatever we choose to call that sense of a higher consciousness or purpose in our lives, to remove something from us, in order to make space within. There is only one crux to this equation; as with anything, once a space is made, it must be filled. In this video, I explore the Psychology Perspective of letting go. This is a necessary step for psyche to undertake in the process of releasing weight back to the universe in a responsible fashion. By releasing weight, I then explore the need to fill that space with the essence of your dreams, so that you may achieve a healthier, happier, you for the New Year. I hope you enjoy.

The Psychology Perspective

The Weight of Waiting: A Journey to Make Space with Dr. Tom

Thank You Weight Watchers for the great source of inspiration and a directional guide that has assisted me on my journey thus far.

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