Wow… Got stuck in a funk for the past two days, but got out of it. Why do we get down when we do things that are better for ourselves? This is a difficult question to answer, but I will try here.

The Depth Psychology Perspective

Emotions are a complex biochemical reaction within the autonomic and central nervous system that creates energy fields throughout the body causing contracting and expanding currents!

No just joking. I am not going to go into the science, unless you want all the technical jargon? No… I didn’t think so. So let’s begin.

We are human. In biblical terms, we are created in the image of God. In scientific terms, we are creatures capable of energy, that source which ebbs and flows, contracts and expands, and makes up the nature of a life lived with purpose. Sometimes stress gets in the way. Sometimes the energy stores aren’t quite up to speed. What can we do?

Well, in this new video on motivational coaching, I get into the idea of breathing as a means to work with stress, decrease its effect on the endocrine system, and foster new areas of motivation and energy through lived experience. I explore healthy habits and ways to use breath as a tool to overcome stress, revitalize energy stores, and work those constricting ebbs that sometimes affect our physical, spiritual, and emotional life.

Weight Loss Journey

The journey to lose weight, like any journey, is a climb to the highest peak of the mountain you want to traverse. There will be peaks and valleys, forks in the road, and many decisions to be made. It mirrors life, and like life, it presents with stresses that will need to be overcome. However, it is from this process that the true character of one’s strength emerges.

Have a plan. Mine includes this blog, Weight Watchers, watching, and producing many inspirational videos.

Life Coaching with Dr. Tom

Life Coaching with Dr. Tom

To Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Wellbeing.

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