Conscientious Decissions

When you are on a journey to release weight, it is a battle with former habits. That is not a lie. However old you are, that is how long you had made decisions that lead to the person you are now. But those decisions do not have to be a lifetime in the making. Today I faced many lessons, as Saturdays are normally my cheat days while on any diet.

Lesson 1

Plan your day. I like to have some drinks on Saturday. I enjoy making a derivative of a Long Island Iced Tea drink that I call a Cranberry Sunrise. I love it, and yes, it is more dietetic than a Long Island Iced Tea because of the conscious decisions made about what to put into it.

Alcohol within itself is not dietary. So if you enjoy drinking, you need to make plans around it.

What did I do. I chose to make conscious decisions each step of the way to have my cheat day yet keep it logged with my Weight Watchers Fit Points. I planned my day around having my Saturday night tradition with my wife.

Lesson 2

Home made is the best made. I took my tracker to the store, and made a conscious decision to make a very low point dinner. Breaded Chicken and baked French Fries. The only problem, 3 oz of the fries I was looking at were 5 points. Ouch!!! What to do.

Go to the potato section and buy Idaho Russets. Make your own lifestyle fries. Who needs all the oil, added fat, and preservatives common to bagged frozen fries any ways.

The Psychology Perspective

Total meal for dinner. 15 points. Had a few pieces of Candy for 12 points to satisfy the sweet tooth. Made my drinks for 60 points. I know, not the healthiest, but it does motivate for the week to have a debrief and cheat night. Besides, why would we work so hard anyways if we could never enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Positive reinforcement of positive habits equals positive results.

The Math


Cranberry Sunrise Recipe

2 oz. Bacardi Lemon de Rum

1 oz. Vodka

1 oz. white Tequilla.

1 oz. Gin.

3 oz. ocean spray CranGrape 5 calorie Juice. 1 Point

I cup of Fresca. Diet 0 Calories 0 Points.

Mix over ice and voila,. Happy Saturday!!!

The total points for the alcohol is about 10 to 11 as Distilled Spirits are approximately 3 points for 1.5 oz. Distilled Spirits are also much less in points that Beer. Quite possibly because of the brewing process is not inclusive of grains and yeast. From a psychological perspective, we need to work within the parameters we have and the things we enjoy so we don’t discourage our journey moving forward. Moderation. Moderation. Moderation.

To Good Health and Wellbeing! Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical. Hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading.

PS woke up on Sunday… motivated for the week to come. Up only 0.3 lbs. Usually on Sunday I am up about 8 lbs. from my weigh in day. Small conscientious decisions over time equal great results.

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