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Thomas Maples
Overthinking? The Journey to Make Space Within!


The devil popped up onto one shoulder and said, do it, one little drink won’t hurt. The angel popped up on the other shoulder and said, but you have worked so hard to get to this point. Both battled for the winning side of a conscious decision. Which One Won?

This is the realm of the serpent and the virgin. Temptation in action. Two side of consciousness, buying for the full commitment from the innocent bystander, who is faced with a decision to commit too.

Thank God for a programatic direction provided by my friends at Weight Watchers.

The Psychology Perspective of Weight Loss

Whether it be food, drink, or any other form of pleasurable experience we yearn to take part, our consciousness dictates the ultimate aim that we point our life towards.

Young children have yet to fall into this form of consciousness. They exist. They learn right from wrong in unison with the lessons we adults teach them. As adults, these initial lessons form the foundational values that drive our decision making behaviors, whether addictive or not.

You see, anything can become addictive. It simply revolves around the ideal that the pleasure it creates outweighs the pain it can create. We need food to survive. But when it becomes addictive, we suffer from its control over us. What changed. Nothing. If you skipped food, your body will cease to exist. But if you overcome the thought process associated with conscious control, and direct your behaviors towards a higher purpose, the pull of the addiction lessons over time

When we make a lifestyle change, we are faced with a myriad of decisions to make on a daily basis. Our consciousness is always at play. We have to decide what to take part in, what not to take part in, and those damn voices of the conscious can definitely be a persuasive element to deal with.

My higher purpose won yesterday, and today I feel all the better. Here is to a great Martin Luther King, Jr. day, and I am looking forward to having a healthy, fun, and relaxed day with my family.

To Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Wellbeing!

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