Faith in the Journey… To Let Go & Receive

Faith in the Journey… To Let Go and Receive

The Psychology Perspective

Weight loss, like any form of major lifestyle change, is all about letting go! I had a lot of fun with this one, and I hope you enjoy. Again, I wish to thank the director of this journey, my trustworthy application from Weight Watchers.

Do you wish to hold onto the weight. Or do you wish to release it from your body. In order to receive, we must first learn the value of letting go. Many times, we hold onto old habits that hold us down. We hold onto those pesky behaviors that keep us back in the perspective we yearn to leave. In short, we become our own worst enemy.

Sound familiar?

It should. It is a collective human plight based on emotional elements of fear. I compare the journey of weight loss to that of an addict giving up alcohol, drugs, or other unwanted behaviors that greatly affect their life. This is because at the root cause of any problem, lies a simple unwillingness we have to let go, and find faith in the journey we undertake to give and receive.

Weight Loss Journey

A Weight Loss Journey is much like any other major lifestyle change. We must face the elements of letting go of the power we believe we can assume over our past behaviors and learn new ways to adapt to our living organism’s development in the moment. This act of letting go fosters the space needed that allows the psyche to adopt new behaviors of Self Realization to manifest in that person we wish to become.

Believe… Achieve… Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams. Until next time I wish you good health, wealth, wellbeing, and happiness.

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