Stress and Weight

I am writing about stress today, because in the essence of making changes in one’s life, life doesn’t stop happening. My children have been sick this week. Influenza. Wow, what a drag it has been. All day laying in bed, and my wife and I are pulling to try and figure out which one stays and which one goes in our busy, busy, busy, parenting / career schedules.

The last week, I have written extensively on the idea of letting go. To release weight. However, when we speak of a psychological release, there is also the flip side of its coin present, that nagging need we have to hang on to that which we seek to release.

Does Stress Increase Your Weight?

Stress within itself does not cause weight gain. However, the effects the body undergoes as it learns effective hormonal ways to handle situational distress does cause the body to gain and/or hold onto unwanted weight.

In an interesting article, Does Stress Make You Fat? Dr. Melissa Conrad Stöppler, MD explores the effects that hormonal secretion caused by chronic stress have the gaining, maintenance, and location where body fat is stored.

So what are we to do, with that pesky environment that loves to give us levels of situational distress, despite our willingness to let go of those old habits that once held us back?

There is only one direction to go, when you Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams. Learn to let it go! Yes the most awesome advice ever created for weight loss is from a hit song leading a child’s Disney Movie. “Let it Go.”

In order to release weight, we must learn to release all levels of maladaptive behaviors. This is how our psychology intertwines with the capacity we have to let go of weight. No matter what the habit, by altering the way we perceive our capacity to handle it, it makes space for the wanted outcome to move towards us.


Today, I had to handle a high degree of distress. Including being at home when I normally work. This is normally a trigger for me. However, today, I kept it lifestyle, and maintained my direction without hitting the fridge out of boredom 100 times to look for snacks to tide me over until dinner. New Habits, New Room, Time for some Greatness to fill that state.

To Health, Wealth, Well-being, Happiness!

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