Got Sleep? It Effects Your Emotional Health as Well as Your Weight Loss Journey

Sleep, Emotional Health, and the Weight Loss Journey

It is funny. I produced this video two days ago. At that time, I had a great night’s sleep. Today, when I am ready to share it, all I can say is wow, what a great night.

I know it wasn’t a full moon, but my Grate Dane was on one. Barking at the neighbors until 11:00 PM. Normally, it is a good thing to have your dog protecting your home from those dangers that lurk in the dark. The only problem is, I am an early bird, that needs to catch his worms at 3:00 AM. So Spot’s schedule and my schedule did not mix. Ouch. What to do with the stress hormones? What to do about the weight loss journey?

Weight Loss Journey

I am feeling motivated, even though a little tired. I must turn to my app (Weight Watchers) today for guidance, so that I can keep myself aligned to the intent of my goal. When we are tired, we get unfocused easily. We then let old habits slip into our unconscious awareness, and food can act as a tempting source to not only divert our boredom, but also to replenish the missing energy that naturally builds during the sleep cycle. As Schwarzenegger once said, “Sleep Faster!”

I did… and I feel better for it. I am up, and writing. I am getting my daily dose of adrenaline in a different manner. But today is somehow different. Before, I would have reset my alarm to allow me to sleep until at least 6. Getting my normal 6 to 7 hours sleep. I didn’t. This is because a new habit pulls me forward. The habit of health. I formed a habit of accountability, not only to myself, but also the journey I am committed to. As Bob Proctor once said, commit to higher standards, and your whole life aligns to those standards. Commit to a goal, and how long does it take to negotiate your way out of that commitment.

It is all in the way the mind perceives its reality.

To Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Wellbeing

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