Dreams: A Cornerstone for Self-Realized Potential

Dreams: A Cornerstone for Self Potential: Dr. Tom gives his thoughts on the powers that dreams have on our daily lives, and explores ways to use these to promote Self … Continue reading Dreams: A Cornerstone for Self-Realized Potential

Inspirational Quotes

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
Carl Jung

Practical Parenting: Dealing with Childhood Nightmares

Dr. Tom of The Stockton Therapy Network explores how helping your children make sense of their dreams has a positive effect on their psychological development.

Practical Parenting: Fostering Your Children’s Dreams

Practical Parenting: Fostering Your Children’s Dreams. Dr. Tom explores what your # 1 job is as a Practical Parent: Dream and Dream Big!!!

Our Archetypal Beginnings: Siddhartha, The Importance of Fatherhood, and a Jungian Perspectives on Early Childhood Development

This article explores early archetypal development and the importance of fatherhood on early childhood development from a Jungian perspective.

Reveries of Consciousness Development

Personal Reveries from Early Consciousness¬† Our journey to develop consciousness is intimately linked to the development of understanding that exists between life, death, and the other paradoxes that seem to … Continue reading Reveries of Consciousness Development