Days Off

What makes days off so hard when it comes to weight loss? or for that matter, any form of habit change you wish to undertake? It is very important to have a source of guidance during these times, that you can turn to when the journey gets tough. Weight Watchers has provided that guidance for me during this journey towards habit change.

The answer is simple… Time!

It is easy to stay committed when you are busy. However, when we begin to idle, that pesky consciousness gets in the way, and the bad voice can soon find itself in a desirable position over that angelic voice of consciousness that should direct us during any form of behavioral change.

What to do?

Stay busy!

My dog cries as I write this. Yes, I finally let him out, even though I know it will be a mess to clean up. But he reminds me of a valuable lesson, “idle hands are the devil’s work.”

Even the dog reminds us of the value of staying busy, even during those days of rest.

Making Space: The Psychology Perspective

We all know the value of rest. But rest also needs to be productive in essence. Especially towards the aim we wish to attain. At time of rest, we often face the same daemons that drove us to unhealthy habits in the first place. This is the place where conscious conflict gives way to strength in change.

When we make space, we invite into ourselves the capacity to overcome those forces of thought that once permeated our soul. In essence, when we make space, it is easy to fall back into old ways. This is the way our consciousness is built; soul defines itself by the auspice of its capacity to test itself towards new heights. This is where the reward comes into play. In essence, the soul does not seek a number, it seeks the reward of a journey well undertaken.

This is day 15. They say it takes nearly 28 days to form new habits. I have not studied that to extent, but I do know that it was nearly 10 years ago that I quit smoking, and now I don’t even miss the way that I once was. It took about three months then to allow myself enough space to overcome that secondary voice that said, “hey, just one won’t hurt.” Myself, and my children thank me daily for that decisions. Ultimately, it allows me a greater life to spend with them. I am hoping that these new habit changes will have a similar effect.

First things First… Always make space for new growth. Next, CHOOSE what you want to fill within that space. Good or Bad… It’s always a matter of personal Choice. What am I thankful for?

Everyone who reads. Everyone who supports me on this journey. Everyone that takes up the arms needed to persevere towards that goal of advancing confidently in the direction of their dreams. Thank you for reading.

To Health, Wealth, Wellbeing, and Happiness.

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